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UNIVERSUM has been actively working in the logistics sector since 1999. We offer our clients a wide range of forwarding services and services related to the representation of the client's interests before customs authorities.


Our offer includes comprehensive customs clearance of cargo at any time of cargo tracking. We specialise in organising the logistic chain in every part of the world ( door to door) in the Far East and North America.

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Universum Tbilisi, Georgia

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Universum Kaliningrad, Russia

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Universum Lviv, Ukraine

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Universum Przemysl, Poland

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Universum Hamburg, Germany

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Universum Guangzhou, China.

Start-up of the company

Universum Poland.

Universum is a company that provides customers with safe transport of shipments from even the most remote places in the world. Above all, we offer our own expertise in land, sea and air freight forwarding. Thanks to us, our customers' imported and exported goods reach the designated country smoothly and on time. We make it easier for customers to grow their business by enabling them to reach new markets, including countries in the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

We overcome the main obstacles that most often stand in the way of the international exchange of goods. These are the cargo clearance procedures that need to be passed regardless of the mode of transport chosen. We therefore provide a full customs service - we complete the documents, represent clients before the customs authorities and inform them of changes to customs legislation and the fees required for this.
Each international transport of cargo is an expensive undertaking. By entrusting our freight forwarding company with its organisation, you can count on the choice of the least burdensome and most effective form of transport. We look forward to working with you.

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