28 August 2023

International freight forwarding - challenges and risks

International freight forwarding is a complex process with many challenges. However, it is also a very interesting industry about which you can learn many interesting things.

Here are some interesting facts and trivia about international freight forwarding: 


a) International freight forwarding has been around for centuries. The first references to international shipping date back to the 15th century. This is when merchants started using intermediaries to organise the transport of goods between different countries.


b) International freight forwarding is an important part of globalisation. Through international forwarding, companies can export and import goods to different countries around the world. This promotes trade and economic growth.


c) International forwarding is a complex process. It involves many activities, such as choosing the right means of transport, preparing documentation, insuring goods, loading and unloading, and settling transport costs.


d) International forwarding is complicated by various rules and regulations. Each country has its own customs regulations that must be observed when exporting and importing goods.


Here are some interesting facts about international freight forwarding:

a) The largest seaport in the world is the port of Singapore. More than 200 million tonnes of goods pass through the port of Singapore every year.

b) The longest container ship in the world is the Ever Given. This ship is more than 400 metres long and can carry more than 20,000 containers.

c) The fastest means of international transport is by plane. It is possible to transport goods faster by train than by ship, but the plane is the fastest means of transport over long distances.


International freight forwarding is a fascinating industry that is evolving as technology and the economy changes. If you are interested in international freight forwarding, it is worth finding out more about it.


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